This past year was challenging for everyone, and I am sure we are all wanting to put it behind us. Before we close the book on 2020 I would like to reflect on the many accomplishments that the CPMA was able to achieve.

Pest Management 2020 Annual Conference (Québec City)


The AQGP and the CPMA hosted the annual PMC conference in beautiful Québec City this past March. The location was magical, the agenda fantastic, and the Sugar Shack …. We can’t remember.


The conference was going on right at the time when Canada was realizing what COVID was, and its potential impact. Quite literally, the announcement came on the last day of the conference that the borders would be closed, large meetings cancelled, and non-essential businesses shutdown starting Monday. Our many thanks to the hotel staff, the volunteers, and attendees for their quick action to implement hand sanitizing stations, social distancing, and accommodating the needs of those around us until we could safely depart.

COVID – Pest Control As An Essential Service


In early March when it was clear that COVID was a pandemic and shutdowns loomed, the CPMA began furiously making phone calls and writing letters to every Minister of Health and Minister of Environment in each Province/Territory stressing the importance of pest control as an essential service. In every case, we were successful in our efforts to have pest control classified as an essential service.


The CPMA, in conjunction with the NPMA, developed a dedicated website (https://www.pestcontrolcoronavirus.com/canada/) for all things COVID relating to the pest control industry.

Re-certification Credits / Continuing Education Credits (CECs)


The CPMA has had a major focus on the implementation of CECs for every Province across Canada. In late 2020, the CPMA invested in developing a universal credit tracking software that will allow provincial associations to implement and track CECs for their members. This new system will streamline existing processes, increase accessibility for applicators, and provide a platform for which we can lobby Provincial governments to adopt.


Updates on Provinces we are currently lobbying to implement CECs:



The AQGP has done a wonderful job working with their Provincial government to push ever closer toward launching CECs. If all goes as planned, we expect to see this in 2021.


New Brunswick

The APMA made some tremendous headway in New Brunswick this year. We have been given a verbal approval for CECs to be implemented in 2021, and await the official announcements.



Minister Trivers stated that the adoption of CECs would follow New Brunswick’s model. Once the NB announcement is made official, we expect that PEI will be around the corner.



SPMAO and the CPMA have been in contact with the Province and local politicians to discuss CECs. Early discussions pre-COVID were very productive. Since March, however; this has been put on the backburner by the Province. As Ontario continues to be a hotspot for COVID it is unclear when we will be able to resume discussions. We are hopeful that by the end of 2021 we will have a firm commitment to proceed.

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)


We are the voice of our industry; it is our duty to continue to press the PMRA on the important issues we face. Most recently, the CPMA has engaged with the PMRA on re-evaluation proposals and decisions for;

Boric Acid



Pyrethrin & PBO

2021 Actives for which the CPMA will be engaged with the PMRA on re-evaluation proposals;




Methyl bromide


Silicon dioxides (DE)





Zinc phosphide


Carbon dioxide gas

Liquid carbon dioxide

The collective efforts of the CPMA, NPMA, and manufacturers represent thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, in lobbying efforts, research data, and manpower to ensure our industry keeps tools in the toolbox.

Rodenticide Bans


There has been a strong grass roots movement out of British Columbia to ban rodenticides, citing the death of birds of prey to secondary poisoning as the reason. In all cases thus far, the necropsy results have shown rodenticides that are banned from outdoor use within the owls. Thus far the group has been successful at achieving the ban in several BC municipalities. The CPMA and NPMA have been working with all Provincial Association presidents to prepare talking points, scientific data, and strategies to address the issue locally. The CPMA has been in touch with the PMRA, Health Canada, and MoEs on the issue and will continue to work with all parties to ensure that decisions are made on scientific evidence and not sentiments.

Pest Management 2021 Annual Conference (Virtual)


The CPMA has worked tirelessly in the latter half of 2020 to pivot from an in person conference to a virtual conference. We are excited about the lineup of speakers, the format, and the affordability of PMC 2021. Keep an eye out for an official announcement coming soon on dates, agenda, etc.


I think we can all agree to say so long 2020 and welcome to 2021!!! Thank you to all of our members for their hard work in 2020, stay safe everyone!




Sean Rollo

CPMA President

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