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Announcement: CPMA Announces a New Dues Structure

In the summer of 2018, Canadian industry leaders assembled and identified assessing the NPMA dues structure as high priority to ensure the future of the association, ultimately developing a membership task force. This task force**, composed of stakeholders including large and small companies from each provincial association, was charged with the task of creating an equitable and transparent dues structure that will ensure CPMA’s sustainability. The task force collaborated multiple times reviewing the dues keeping in mind the goal of being fair, equitable, transparent and sustainable. CPMA dues have increased very little over the last twenty years. A new dues scale was presented to the CPMA Board of Directors in October, 2018 and was unanimously approved.

The new dues structure, which includes dues for both CPMA and NPMA, can be found HEREThe new dues structure will be in effect January 1, 2020.

communication was recently sent to the membership, discussing CPMA's ongoing investment and commitment to the members, and details of coming to this important decision.  To learn more, please read further here.

**The CPMA Member Dues Task Force includes: 

  • Sandy Costa, Greenleaf Pest Control
  • Don McCarthy, Rentokil
  • Nicholas Holland, Peregrine Pest Control
  • Rob Quinn, Orkin Canada
  • Brett Mackillop, Abell
  • David Fisher, Rentokil
  • Sean Rollo, Orkin Canada
  • Michel Maheu, Maheu & Maheu,  
  • Melanie Johnston, Assured Thermal
  • Dennis Jenkins, ABC Home & Commercial, NPMA
  • Dominique Stumpf, NPMA

For additional information, we invite you to read more in the Membership Dues Restructure Overview and FAQs.

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