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Online Learning Center

NPMA’s Online Learning Center offers exclusive access to training courses that cover everything from technical education to business development. In addition, many of these courses can earn you state recertification credits.




NPMA BugBytes

NPMA's original podcast channel features engaging interviews with industry icons and researchers. Learn about the latest in science and technology impacting the pest management industry today!





Library Updates

NPMA's Library Updates provide in-depth information on a variety of topics, including training updates and employee resources. 

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NPMA On Demand

NPMA brings experts directly to you through our webinar series. View the upcoming webinars as well as the recorded webinars from 2010 through today. Topics include workplace safety, marketing your company on the internet, and, of course, pests.

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Pest Photos

NPMA's extensive image library gives you access to hundreds of hi-resolution pest photos, all free to use for your company's website, social media or other promotional materials.

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Pest ID Form

Not sure what that pest or pest evidence is? Download our Pest ID form so that you can submit your mystery insect or evidence to entomologists who are standing by ready to help.

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Customizable Resources

We'll ensure your company is delivering the best information in a professional format. Take advantage of our technical expertise and design team by putting your company information on these resources and sharing them with customers.

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Bed Bug Best Management Practices

To ensure industry professionals have the best possible guidance on controlling bed bugs effectively, responsibly and safely, NPMA has created Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs (BMPs), guidelines developed by industry professionals, regulators, academics, and entomologists.



Bed Bug Commercial Protocols

NPMA offers bed bug treatment protocols for a variety of business types and locales. This page offers access to those protocols, available in English or French.



Food Safety Audit Scheme Quick Reference Guide

Third party audit programs are essential for food processing facilities to remain vigilant in food safety, comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act, and to maintain certification. NPMA has created this audit scheme to assist the pest management industry in maintaining proper pest control practices to help ensure that these facilities pass third party audits.  



Pest Management Guidelines for Retail Food Handling Facilities and Restaurants

The 2019 guidelines were developed as a resource for pest management professionals that provide service to the retail food service industry. This guidance is comprised of three sections that all interact together – record-keeping and communication are a major part of implementing an integrated pest management program for retail food handling facilities. This guide will help with developing a true partnership between the pest control operator and the restaurant or food service client for excellent service. 



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New Brunswick Department of Environment Approves New Provincial CEC Program

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